Digital Tax Transformation For Tax and Audit Functions

When dealing with compliance, tax and audit functions are underserved in most organizations. It doesn't have to be. With MFExcise Cloud, we automate the most complex functions and host it in a secured cloud environment. We take the frustration of tax filings and make it simple and easy. Whether you are a terminal storage operator, supplier, energy trader, distributor, or barge/pipeline transporter, we have you covered!

2023 Special Offer

File your ExSTARS 720-TO (Terminal Operator) or 720-CS (Carrier Summary) for FREE THE FIRST 3 MONTHS. Then only $800.00 US annually.

Modernizing Tax Compliance

Simple Powerful Fast

Motor Fuel Excise Cloud
Cloud SaaS

Your data is safe from unwanted parties. We deploy 256-bit encryption throughout the compliance journey.

Centralize filing management
Centralized Filing

File, manage assessments and audits in one secured location.

Artificial intelligence data validation
Artificial Intelligence

A.I. infused validation inspects each transaction (from import to e-file) ensuring your data is ready to file error free.

E-File and tax forms support
E-File and
Digitally Printed Form

We support all e-file formats (EDI, XML, Mag Media, Excel, Csv...). State approved forms, we got that covered too.

Compliance dashboard
Performance Dashboard

360° view of your filing performance and never miss a deadline.

ExSTARS certified form 720-TO and 720-CS

ExSTARS certified - form 720-TO and 720-CS.

Electronic Filing E-File

IRS ExSTARS terminal operator and carrier reports

720-TO Terminal Operator
720-CS Carrier

Alabama motor fuels reports

MFT-TOM Terminal Operator
MFT-SDR Supplier/Distributor/Blender
MFT-CCR Carrier

Arkansas motor fuels reports

AMFT-22F Gasoline First Receiver
AMFT-22I Gasoline Importer
AMFT-13F Distillate First Receiver
AMFT-13I Distillate Importer
AMFT-4 LPG Supplier

Georgia motor fuels reports

MFD-04 Disbtributor

Illinois motor fuels reports

RMFT-5 Motor Fuel
RMFT-5US Environmental

Indiana motor fuels reports

FT-501 Terminal Operator
MF-360 Gasoline
SF-900 Special Fuel
SF-401 Carrier

Kentucky motor fuels reports

72A089 - Gasoline Dealer
72A138 - Special Fuel Dealer

Massachusetts motor fuels reports

GT-456 - Distrbutor

Minnesota motor fuels reports

PDA-46 Petroleum Tax Gasoline
PDA-49 Petroleum Tax Special Fuel

Missouri motor fuels reports

FORM-4757 Distrbutor

Nebraska motor fuels reports

FORM-87 Terminal Operator
FORM-73 Monthly Fuel Tax

New York motor fuels reports
New York

FT-941 Terminal Operator
PT-100 Petroleum Business Tax

North Carolina motor fuels reports
North Carolina

GAS-1204 Terminal Operator
GAS-1202 Supplier
GAS-1301 Carrier

Ohio motor fuels reports

MF-2 Dealer
MF-EX2 Exporter
MF-TO Terminal Operator
MF-TR Transporter

South Carolina motor fuels reports
South Carolina

L-2098 Terminal Operator
L-2119 Supplier
L-2176 Carrier

Texas motor fuels reports

06-162 Terminal Operator
06-168 Supplier/Distrbutor
06-128 Carrier

Wisconsin motor fuels reports

MF-002 Supplier


MF-52 Distrbutor

Transparent Pricing

No contracts, no hidden costs, no fuss

Per filing/month
Tax Advisory Services Group
VP Racing Fulels
East Kansas Agri-Energy
Three Rivers Fuel
Canal Barge
  • Cloud SaaS solution (pay-as-you-go, no additional server hardware, software needed)
  • Open and transparent pricing
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Quick, easy and painless implementation
  • Ubiquitous, accessible anywhere, any time
  • Fast, powerful and performs like no other compliance solution

Filing Workflow

5 simple steps

mfexcise filing worflow - select report
Select Report

Select the report you
want to work on

mfexicse filing workflow -  upload data
Upload Data

Upload your filing data

mfexicse filing workflow - validate data

Analyze, validate
and log errors

mfexcise filing workflow - review data

Review and update

mfexicse filing workflow - generate return
Generate Report

Generate digital print form
and electronic e-file

mfexcise filing workflow
mfexcise filing workflow - upload data
Upload Data

Upload your closed financial/
inventory information

mfexcise filing workflow - review and approve
Review and

Review and/or make changes (if
there are errors) as needed

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